Want a professional looking green screen setup that you can use for Twitch streaming for under $80? Don’t worry, I got you covered.

So I moved into a new house, which meant a new office! This also meant that I couldn’t bring my monstrosity of a green screen to the new place. So, after a few months, I finally picked up the new hardware and green screen in order to make this happen.

Part list:

  1. x1 Square Perfect 4037 10′ x 13′ Chromakey Backdrop – $39.99
  2. x1 Fotodiox Single-Roller Set – $19.95
  3. x1 2″ wide, 10′ length PVC Pipe – $7.00
  4. x1 3/16 x 3″ Toggle Bolts – $8.00

Tools Needed:

  1. Power Drill
  2. 1/2 or one size larger wooden drill bit

Total Cost – $74.94